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Borghetto 41

Pisa, Italy
restoration of private residence
2010 project and realization
built area
75 sqm
€ 70'000
performed service
design, supervision of works, coordination for safety, accounting

The project focuses on a redistribution of the internal space of an apartment (75 meters divided into 3 large rooms and a single hallway) and fulfills the client's requests of separating the cooking area from the living room, eliminating the hallway, and in it's place, after opening the dividing wall, creating a new kitchen and small service bathroom. The laundry area and principal bathroom have been completely renovated and reinvented by creating an ant-chamber with a sink and another space containing the WC and shower. A new wooden floor was laid after a full restoration of the attic space. In creating this new attic space a brick arch dating from the early 1900's was discovered; this arch was then restored and integrated into the frame of a new door. The project's intervention also allowed the updating of the apartment's electric and plumbing facilities to modern code.

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