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New City hall of Paratico

Municipality of Paratico
Paratico (BS), Italy
ideas competition for the new city hall
2010 project
floor area
2'410 sqm
built area
2'090 sqm
€ 3'000'000
performed service

The project aims at planning a new building for the Paratico town hall, including services for the community and commercial activities. The dimension and the shape of the site suggests us a building with a courtyard. The structure's height is planned to be similar to the nearby constructions and it's characterized by a movement of its planes witch creates visual cones towards the elements of the landscape that characterize this place. The jutting volumes, marked with a red metallic mesh skin, reveal the most important spaces of the building (i.e. the assembly hall, the council chamber and the office of the Major).

We plan the parking lots and the municipal archives to be placed in the basament. The recreational activities rooms are placed at the eastern and western ends of the same level of the building, these spaces will be naturally illuminated by two open air courts. In the ground floor we plan a range of commercial activities, whereas the upper floors will host the municipal offices. At the top of the building (third floor), we plan "the telescope", with the office of the Major facing the Iseo lake. The vertical connections are placed at the end of the distribution galleries, at each floor. The south-east corner, with its staircase, serves as the connecting element between the exsisting square and the newly designed one.

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