The concern and activity of our practice range from city landscapes and urban design to single buildings, covering also design objects. In our past work experiences we were involved in public and private projects, on different scales, even through project financing. We have also carried out research projects, taking part in international planning competitions. At present, our practice takes care of all the different steps of a project: concept, financial and economic feasibility, planning, cost control, supervision of the work and safety coordination throughout planning and implementation.

Our approach to the project is driven by “the art of feasibility”. First, we define the programme with the client, setting out the budget available; then, we set up an analysis process which takes account of the landscape and the context and aims at identifying the more suitable technology and materials in order to guarantee high quality and avoid unnecessary waste. This integrated planning ensures optimisation of time and money through a productive exchange with all the parties involved in the process. Central to our approach is also the care for building details. The finished product aims at being a perfect synthesis of aesthetic and functional qualities, always focusing on the agreed programme.