Learning is our source of inspiration. Of course, we are influenced by the best architectural examples of past and present times; however, we strongly believe that architecture is to be interpreted in a much broader sense The sources of inspiration can be numberless, as numberless can be the ways of designing and setting up projects. People are at the core of our research and of our work on different scales. People define the space they live in and feel at ease in the relationships that give rise to it. With their bodies, they describe size and limits, with their souls they trace out ideals and desires. Living within the space, people express their will to reside in it, and this will is inherent to the act of building. Building means developing and enhancing existing structures but also constructing and running new ones. Our way of conceiving architecture may therefore be defined as a “well-pondered building of spaces”: new spaces that not only interact with one another, but also with what already exists. All these elements merge together eventually describing a sense of completeness, where every element has its own meaning and takes part in the ultimate and more difficult goal, i.e. representing people’s confidence and aspirations.